Packaging that Protects the Planet. And your Protein and Produce, too.

Focusing on Sustainability.

Our CorrFresh™ solutions bring sustainability to the forefront of corrugated packaging. Unlike other packaging that contains PFAS (the forever chemical) our process is PFAS free. These fiber-based CorrFresh™ trays are 100% compostable, breaking down in as few as three weeks.

Designed for Peak Performance.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Customizable is who we are. Unlike other less sustainable packaging, CorrFresh™ trays can be printed on and designed specifically for your product; plus, by incorporating air into the corrugated design, our trays have more rigidity and won’t crack under pressure.

We do it better.

Our environmentally friendly CorrFresh™ solutions can do everything other materials can do – but better. Contact us and learn how you can get your customized CorrFresh™ packaging glued, nested, and delivered to your door.

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CorrFresh™ Application


CorrFresh™ Application


CorrFresh™ Application


CorrFresh™ Application


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